Bipin Chandra Pal


Bipin Chandra Pal was one of the mightiest prophets of nationalism who fought bravely for a noble cause of India’s independence. He was a great patriot, orator, journalist and warrior, born on November 7, 1858 in Sylhet in a wealthy Kayastha family. He was admitted to Presidency College in Calcutta but unfortunately could not complete his education and started his career as a headmaster.

In the later years, while Bipin was working as a librarian in Calcutta public library he met many political leaders like Shivnath Shashtri, S.N Banerjee and B.K. Goswami. He was influenced to quit teaching and start up a new career in politics. He was further inspired by the work, philosophy, spiritual ideas and patriotism of Tilak, Lala and Aurbindo.

Being highly influenced and inspired by all these political leaders, Bipin decided to devote himself to the freedom struggle. He also went to England to study comparative ideology in 1898. In a span of one year he returned to Indi and since then he started preaching local Indians with the idea of Swaraj. Being a good journalist and orator he always used articles, speeches and other write ups to spread nationalism, humanity and social awareness and the need for complete independence.

Pal had ‘never say die’ attitude and with great courage he participated in Bombay session of Indian National Congress in 1904, Partition of Bengal in 1905, Swadeshi Movement, Non Cooperation Movement and Bengal Pact in 1923. He had also published a lot of journals, weekly and books to spread nationalism and the idea of Swaraj. Most prominent books of Pal include Indian Nationalism, Nationality and Empire, Swaraj and the Present Situation, The Basis of Social Reform, The Soul of India, The New Spirit and Studies in Hinduism.

Bipin was a great warrior and till the end he fought against ill practices of Indian culture and for freedom of India. He expired in 1932 leaving behind a remarkable feeling of Free India.

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